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Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach to releasing tension and spasms deep within the body to achieve the overall health and healing capability of an otherwise dysfunctional or painful body. It allows for Complete healing rather than forcing the body to compensate for trauma over time with painful consequences.

We want to help our clients empower their lives by  using their own body's healing system.  If your body isn't balanced, it has difficulty healing and can even overload, allowing disease to take over.There are many reasons that the body can become unable to rid itself of toxins.

What causes a body to get out of balance?

There are many reasons Some include:

  • stress from money, jobs, and family
  • medications
  • injuries
  • accidents
  • post traumatic stress 

Also there are things that can remain in our system from childhood;

  • birth trauma
  • abuse
  • neglect
  • bullies and more.

CranioSacral Therapists are trained to find these imbalances in the body and around the muscles. When these are released, the balanced energy flows freely with all it's abundant healing properties.

What to expect at my sessions:  

After reviewing the client's health history and goals for the session, the client starts either sitting or lying down on a traditional massage table, fully clothed. The therapist will gently support or manipulate certain parts of the body from the feet up to the head, including extremities, allowing the body to release tension or "unwind" the muscle or fascia that encases it. The therapist may also perform a visceral unwinding as well; which means the therapist is releasing tensions in and around the organs of the abdomen and/or thoracic cavity.

Plan on wearing stretchy, loose fit clothes to allow for mobility.

Releasing these blockages in our lives allows us to sleep better, work more productively, and live fearlessly!